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How to choose your sunscreen?

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Before you start your quest for a good sunscreen, say a big no to chemical sunscreens. The greater challenge arises while choosing a sunscreen suitable for the Indian skin tone. Using sunscreen with white cast can make you look ashy and investing in cheap sunscreens can leave you skin greasy. So, now the complex question on how to choose your sunscreen arises. When you are living in a city like Chennai, where the weather is hot and dry most of the year, it is become crucial to invest in the right sunscreen and here are the tips.

Sunscreens are available in different formats like creams, gels, sprays and oils. The best skin clinic Alwarpet specialists recommend a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30+ or 50+. Check for eco-friendly ingredients bereft of harsh chemicals. Select a product with a closer manufacturing date and furtherer expiry date.

A broad spectrum sunscreen can protect from both UVA and UVB rays. UVA causes skin aging and UVB causes sunburns. Buying ‘broad spectrum’ labeled sunscreen can give you good protection from the sun’s rays. The ideal choice would be to opt for water resistant sunscreen to give you protection for longer hours, especially for swimmers. Though, there are no completely water resistant sunscreens, you can apply repeated for better protection.

Consider you skin type before choosing a sunscreen. For sensitive skin buy a product free of fragrance and dyes. Lifestyle factors also play a pivotal role while making a choice. Sportspersons can choose a sports sunscreen with sweat resistance and higher SPF.

Each skin is different, check the label for the right ingredients that suits your skin and invest wisely.

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