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Why do we tan in the water, and how to take care of them?

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Why do we tan in the water, and how to take care of them?

Chennai is turning into a hotspot for watersports like paddle boarding, snorkelling, kayaking, ocean swimming, surfing, etc. Adventure lovers and sportspersons are thronging the coasts for a world-class watersports experience. Playing out exposes your skin to pollutants, sweat, and UV rays. Now, you can enjoy your water activities without having to worry about your skin and hair damage. To reverse skin damage, choose the best skin treatment in Chennai.

Swimmer’s tan

Tanning is not necessarily caused due to exposure to UV rays. When in contact with the chlorine salts in the swimming pool water, skin pigments cause pigmentation. The chlorine results in dry skin, acne, irritation and, in extreme cases, can cause cancer. It is significant for swimmers to seek the assistance of the best skin clinic in Chennai for tan removal. Helios Skin offers sophisticated tan removal treatments for Indian skin types.


If you think pollution is restricted to air, then check this out. Swimming pool water is not the safest as it contains dissolved pollutants, leading to pigmentation. Pathogenic microorganisms in water can cause serious symptoms like skin rashes, eye infections, etc. Some of the pathogenic microorganisms found in swimming pools are bacteria, viruses and parasites. Some of the pollutants can cause free radical damage. It can harm your cells and tissues by removing electrons from body molecules. Irritation, redness, and itchiness are other common issues. Collagen damage and hyperpigmentation lead to early aging. Dermatologists suggest the use of antioxidant products to neutralize free radicals.

Addressing skin concerns for those indulging in water sports

  • Retinoid is a vitamin A formula that helps in collagen production and keeps your skin young and supple.
  • Adding antioxidants to your skin routine can delay aging.
  • Chemical exfoliation from the best skin clinic in Chennai reduces pigmentation and wrinkle issues.

Consult Helios Skin Clinic for advice on your skin and hair care routine. Their advanced laser skin treatment in Chennai can reverse skin damage and give you supple and youthful skin.