Blood Donation

Donate blood, Save life!

Why is it Important to donate Blood?

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Blood donation is the noblest form of contribution to mankind as there is no substitute for human blood. Thousand die due to lack of safe blood transfusion. Blood donation can give patients access to safe blood during emergency. Did you know that a single blood transfusion can save upto three lives?

The donated blood is used for transfusion during blood loss from injuries, cancer treatment and surgery. The poor blood cell production in the bone marrow of the cancer patient lead to chronic disease over a period of time and it can lead to malfunctioning of liver, spleen and kidney. In this case the blood is used to raise the platelets count after the patient has undergone strenuous treatment like radiation or chemotherapy.

Blood donation can be categorized into different types:

  • Red blood cells donation is for people who suffer from blood disorders like chronic anemia, sickle cell disease due to kidney failure or stomach bleeding. It is also given to people with acute blood loss during traumatic injuries. It helps to increase red blood cells in the body.
  • Platelet donation is for cancer treatment. Platelets are also used for patients undergoing open-heart surgery and organ transplantation.
  • Plasma transfusion is done for patients suffering from burn injuries, bad infection and liver failure.
  • Whole blood is given to patient suffering from life threatening injuries.

There is a constant need for blood products. It is a life saving care for various patients. There is no substitute for human blood and donating blood can ensure stable supply. Blood donation can clear iron deposits from the body and improve overall health. Positive health outcomes like lower risk of depression and longevity are some of the plus of blood donation. Blood donation can improve your quality of life as you save a life or eliminate the sufferings of your fellow human-beings.

Donate blood, Save life!