World Vitiligo Day

Self: Awareness, Love, Respect, Care

World Vitiligo Day – Self: Awareness, Love, Respect, Care

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Vitiligo is a skin condition characterised by loss of skin pigmentation. It affects the melanin production and leads to white patches on various body areas. The causes could be both environmental and genetic. About 1-2 percent of the world population are affected by this condition. Many consider it a social stigma and to ease the living conditions of Vitiligo patients and create awareness, the World Vitiligo Day is observed every year on June 25.

The main purpose of observing the World Vitiligo Day is to raise awareness, love, respect and care for those living with this condition. From a local event in 2011, it has grown into an annual global event over the years. Creating awareness and educating public on Vitiligo eases the challenges for those suffering from this condition.

This year’s theme is “United by the Skin”. The main aim of choosing this theme is to recognise and value the beauty of those affected by vitiligo. This year’s theme places focus on celebrating human diversity by accepting people with vitiligo as one among us and stop treating it as a social stigma.

On this day, it is aimed to improve the access to treatment, research, funds and support for Vitiligo patients. The research is going in the right direction yet there is more to be done in understanding and managing the condition.

Living with vitiligo could be challenging as it often combined with low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. The white patches on the face and body can make a person conscious especially when we live in a society where looks matter. Though, the condition is not associated with pain or fatality, it can affect the morale of the individual. Educating people through awareness programs not just this one day but throughout the year can help create support for Vitiligo patients as they navigate their life journey with confidence and strength.