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How safe are these treatments? Keratin vs Cysteine vs Botox

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Who doesn’t love strong, silky and manageable hair? But with external factors like pollution, extreme weather conditions, stress and internal factors like poor protein diet this has become a horrendous task. Today the best hair clinics in Chennai are calling for treatments like Keratin, Cysteine and Botox for long term hair management solutions instead of running to the hair spa every month. Let us discuss different hair treatments and their advantages.

Keratin Treatment is popularly opted for a shiny and frizz-free look. In this process, formaldehyde is used to break down the bonds of the hair strands and seal them again. The treatment leaves your hair shiny for a long. The use of formaldehyde makes this treatment unsafe for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Cysteine treatment is considered a highly efficient hair straightening process with a good retention rate. It uses non-essential amino acids in keratin to straighten and strengthen the hair. The good news is in Cysteine treatment no harsh chemicals are used and hence safe for pregnant women. The only downside is that the effects of the treatment do not last for long.

Hair botox treatment uses a blend of nourishing ingredients to coat the hair strands restoring lost strength in your hair. It is a formaldehyde-free and nonchemical-free treatment and hence safe. It is a deep-conditioning treatment that removes frizz and gives volume to your hair. People suffering from itchy, dull and dehydrated hair can opt for this treatment as it also improves blood circulation in the scalp aiding in hair growth.

Coming to cost Keratin treatment is expensive due to its intense process and expensive keratin products. Considering the above hair treatment methods, Hair Botox is a clear winner as it is chemical-free and adds volume to your hair.

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