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Worried about the effects of aging on your skin? Wondering how to resolve skin sagging issues through non-invasive procedures? You can find answers to all these questions in this blog. Go ahead and read on to find out more about skin lifting and tightening procedures.

Chennai is growing into a medical hub of the world and here you can find the best skin treatment Chennai services producing excellent results. One among them is HIFU. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive for skin laxity and wrinkle treatment. It is being used in facial rejuvenation, tightening, body contouring, and lifting. HIFU generates instant microthermal lesions with the help of HIFU beams at specific tissue sites and is harmless on the epidermis. The good news is clinical trials have proved HIFU safe with positive results for facial lifting and smoothening wrinkles. The treatment does not include surgery and hence people who do not waste time on recovery and risks opt for this treatment.

A focused ultrasound beam is targeted at the layer of the skin heating the tissues rapidly. On reaching the prescribed temperature the cellular damage is experienced. By doing this the cells produce more collagen. The more collagen stimulation the firmer your skin becomes. Since the focus is on the layer below the skin surface the damage to the upper layer can be avoided. Only the best skin clinic Alwarpet is equipped with the right technology to provide perfect results.

HIFU treatment is suitable for people over 30 years of age with moderate skin laxity. For those who are victims of photodamaged skin or high skin loss, only several treatments can produce the desired results. People with severe skin laxity, extensive photoaging, and saggy skin may require surgery. HIFU is not suitable for people with skin infections, open skin lesions, cystic acne, and those with metallic implants.

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