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How to prep your skin for summer?

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Summer is fast approaching and it is time for some outdoor fun. But the scorching summer months can be agonizing, especially for the skin. Being ill-prepared can leave your skin at risk. Cleansing and hydrating your skin can help keep your skin fresh and healthy this summer. Here are some tips to prep your skin this summer:

Exfoliate: The summer heat can drain the moisture from your skin. It is important to exfoliate to remove the winter dullness and help transit into the warm summer weather. A gentle scrub once in a week can remove dead skin and prevent blemishes.

Prevent breakouts: The oil gland secretes more during the summer, causing breakouts. Acne is caused due to excessive oil secretion and it can leave your skin dull and patchy. Using a toner daily can reduce the sweat and oil buildup. If you are in Chennai, it is recommended to use topical acne treatment from the best skin clinic in Alwarpet. Daily skincare is crucial for acne-free skin.

Regular hydration: Use moisturizers that are lighter during summer. Even a lotion, serum or cream can be apt for the summer months. Do not neglect the dryness in your skin as it can lead to more oil secretion causing breakouts.

SPF routine: Add SPF to your skincare routine every day. It will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. A good SPF with Titanium or Zinc can leave your skin invigorated. The best skin treatment in Chennai recommends the use of a higher SPF during the summer months.

Depending on your skin type choose the right skincare products and services for a hassle-free summer.