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Beat Leprosy

Beat Leprosy

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Leprosy is the oldest disease in the world, dating back to 4000 years. It is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae, hence the name. It affects the peripheral nerves and the skin, causing disfiguration of the face and body. It can lead to permanent disability if not treated on time. World Leprosy Day is observed every year on the last Sunday of January. This year’s theme is Beat Leprosy. The theme aims at conducting campaigns to raise awareness about the disease. In many countries, leprosy has been eradicated, though new cases emerge in the Southeast Asia, according to WHO reports.

Leprosy is no longer a stigma; with the advancement in medical science, the disease is curable and preventable. So, it is time to raise awareness and beat leprosy. The best way to beat leprosy is to fight it together. Do not discriminate or shun the lepers. Instead, spread awareness to prevent and treat the disease.

Observing Leprosy Day every year helps create awareness and raise funds towards the treatment process to wipe away leprosy from the face of the earth.

Spread this message during this Leprosy Day.

  • Leprosy is curable, and Multi-Drug Therapy is available for free to treat the disease. The target is to beat leprosy by 2035
  • There are 200,000 people diagnosed with leprosy every year
  • Donating towards this cause can help someone out there to lead an everyday life free of leprosy

So, let’s begin today. Let’s be the change. Beat leprosy!