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Is hair/skin care different for men and women?

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Everyone wants glowing skin and healthy hair, irrespective of gender. Unisex skin/hair care treatment does not give the desired results as there are physiological differences between the men’s and women’s skin and hair. This blog discusses the difference between male and female skin and hair and how to maintain it.

Know the difference

  • Does skin thickness matter?
    The thickness of the skin varies between men and women. Men have thicker skin when compared to women, who have thinner, sensitive skin. The reason is the collagen density and sebum production, making the male skin thick and robust. Women’s skin is thin, resulting in quick signs of ageing. Skincare products are developed keeping in mind these differences and catering to the skin needs of each.
  • Does hormone play a role?
    Testosterone, a male hormone, stimulates oil production, resulting in acne and breakouts. Meanwhile, the estrogen produced in the female gives soft and supple skin. The skincare industry has understood these differences and designed unique products to address the issue.
  • Combating the challenges of facial hair?
    Men need special attention due to stubborn facial hair growth. Regular shaving causes skin irritation, so sophisticated grooming products are required in order to combat this challenge. A range of grooming products is available to give them a smooth and comfortable shaving experience, promoting rich facial care.
  • Does our skin age differently?
    Men experience slower ageing compared to women due to their collagen density differences. Due to the low collagen density, fine lines, crowfeet, and loose skin are standard in women. Anti-ageing solutions differ for men and women, as they are designed for your unique needs and worried about ageing skin? Contact our best skin treatment in Chennai at Helios.
  • Should we use different hair care products?
    Hair care products are purely a personal choice. Products can be chosen depending on the density of your hair, dandruff issues, scalp dryness, etc. You can hardly find gender-variant shampoos, hair oil, or hair creams on the supermarket shelf. For more on hair transplant in Chennai, meet our team at Helios.

Using a customised skin and hair care routine can work wonders. Speak to an expert at Helios, one of the best skin clinics in Alwarpet, for more details.