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Why hydration is important not just in Summer but also for the skin?

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Come summer, autumn, winter or spring, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the year. Many are of the misconception summer skin hydration is a beauty hack but this hack applies to all seasons and for all reasons. Hydration is crucial for the holistic health of an individual and skin health is no exception. Water transports oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells and eliminates toxins and waste helping in regulating body temperature and making your skin glow.

The effects of dehydration can be disastrous on your skin. It can lead to loss of skin elasticity and kick starts the aging process quickly. Moreover, skin issues like dryness, itchiness, flaky skin, and acne can lead to skin diseases over a period of time. If you are suffering from skin damage contact the best skin treatment in Chennai for a skin refresh.

Did you know that dehydration can reduce brain performance? A loss of 2 percent fluid can lead to mood swings, memory loss, lack of concentration and delayed reaction time says the National Council on Aging (NCA). Stabilise your emotions and control anxiety with regular intake of water.

Hydration improves digestion and bowel movement. It keeps you free from bloating and burns. Keeping you hydrated can add more energy to your daily chores. Fluids pump oxygen into the body and make you feel rejuvenated.

Drinking water regularly can save you from food cravings thereby maintaining your body weight and boosting your metabolism. This is not all, cartilages in your joints have 80 percent water, so staying hydrated means improving the longevity of your joints.

Water is a natural detoxifier that helps remove toxins and waste from the body through perspiration and bowel movement.

Hydration and skincare go hand in hand. Water intake, nutritious fluids along good skincare can make your skin glow even during extreme temperatures. Hyaluronic acid holds around 1000 times its weight in water helping you retain moisture. Glycerine is a natural humectant to keep your skin hydrated.

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